Notes on Ricardo’s Principles (42) – 鉱山の地代 1

中湖 康太

第3章 鉱山の地代

Chapter III
On the Rent of Mines




The metals, like other things, are obtained by labor. Nature, indeed, produces them; but it is the labor of man which extracts them from the bowels of the earth and prepares them for our service.


Mines, as well as land, generally pay a rent to their owner; and this rent, as well as the rent of land, is the effect and never the cause of the high value of their produce.




If there were abundance of equally fertile mines, which anyone might appropriate, they could yield no rent; the value of their produce would depend on the quantity of labor necessary to extract the metal from the mine and bring it to market. But there are mines of various qualitiues affording very different result with equal quantities of labor. The metal produced from the poorest mine that is worked must at least have an exchanageable value, not only sufficient to procure all the clothes, food, and other necessaries consumed by those employed in working it, and bringing the produce to market, but also to afford the common and ordinary profits to him who advances the stock necessary to carry on the undertaking. The return for capital from the poorest mine paying no rent would regulate the rent of all the other more producitve mines. This mine is supposed to yieled the usual profits of stock. All that the other mines produce more than this will necessarily be paid to the owers for rent. Since this priciple is precisely the same as that which we have already laid down respecting land, it will not be necessary further to enlarge on it.


It will be sufficient to remark that the same general rule which regulates the value of raw produce and manufactured commodities is applicable also to the metals; their value depending not on the rate of profits, nor on the rate of wages, nor on the rent paid for mines, but on the total quantiy of labor necessary to obtain the metal and to bring it to market.


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