Notes on Ricardo’s Principles (28) – 価値 27

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リカードは、以下、貨幣価値の変化は(労働資本比率、生産要素の投入比率に変化が無ければ; KN注)、利益率に変化を与えないとする。リカードの説明には、貨幣量の記述はないが、以下、それぞれのケースについて、推定される貨幣(供給)量の変化を付して述べることにする。



The variation in the value of money, however great, makes no difference in the rate of profits; for suppose the goods of the manufacturer to rise from £1000 to £2000, or 100 percent, if his capital, on which the variations of money have as much effect as on the value of produce, if his machinery, buildings, and stock in trade rise also a 100 percent, his rate of profits will be the same, and he will have the same quantity, and no more, of the produce of the labor of the country at his command.


「一方、労働節約的な資本の投入により、同量の資本、労働の投入により、生産量が2倍になったとする(但し、労働資本比率に変化はないと仮定; KN注)と、(貨幣量に変化がなければ; KN注)価格は2分の1になる。この場合にも、利益率は同じになる。」

If, with a capital of a given value, he can, by economy in labor, double the quantity of produce, and it fall to half its former price, it will bear the same proportion to the capital that produced it which it did before, and consequently profits will still be at the same rate.


「同様に、同量の資本投下により生産量が2倍になったとする(土地、労働の投入量も同じ; KN注)。(貨幣量の増加により; KN注)貨幣価値が半分になったとすると、生産物全体の貨幣価値は以前の2倍になる。その生産に投入された資本の貨幣価値も2倍になる。この場合にも、生産物の価値と資本の価値の比率に変化は生じない。生産量は2倍になり、地代、賃金、利益への分配に変化は生じない。変化が生じるのは、土地、資本、労働の投入量、その比率(KN注)が変化する場合だけである。」

If, at the same time that he doubles the quantity of produce by the employment of the same capital, the value of money is by any accident lowered one half, the produce will sell for twice the money value than it did before; but the capital employed to produce it will also be of twice its former money value; and therefore in this case, too the value of the produce will bear the same proportion to the value of the capital as it did before; and although the produce be doubled, rent, wage, and profits will only vary as the proportions vary, in which this double produce may be divided among the three classes that share it.

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