Notes on Ricardo’s Principles (18) – 価値 17

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(ケース1) £40/人x 50人 x (1 + 0.10) = £2200 (賃金£40/人、利益率10%)
(ケース2) £40.74/人 x 50人 x (1 + 0.08) = £2200 (賃金£40.74/人、利益率8%) 


Section V

The principle that value does not vary with the rise or fall of wages, modified also by the unequal durability of capital, and by the unequal rapidity with which it is being returned to its employer.




In the last section we have supposed that, of two equal capitals, in two different occupations, the proportions of fixed and circulating capitals were unequal; now let us suppose them to be in the same proportion, but of unequal durability. In proportion as fixed capital is less durable it approaches to the nature of circulating capital. It will be consumed and its value reproduced in a shorter time, in order to preserve the capital of the manufacturer. We have just seen that in proportion as fixed capital preponderates in a manufacture, when wages rise the value of commodities produced in that manufacture is relatively lower than that of commodities produced in manufactures where circulating capital preponderates. In proportion to the less durability of fixed capital, and its approach to the nature of circulating capital, the same effect will be produced by the same cause.


「もし、固定資本の耐久性が低い程、当初の効率性を維持するために、毎年の生産においてより多くの労働が必要になるだろう。このように投下された労働が、商品の生産過程で費消され、商品の価値はこのような労働を反映したものになる。もし、£20,000の労働節約型の機械を持ち、その減耗が極めて小さく、利益率(資本コスト又は要求利回り; KN注)が10%だったとすると、最高でも商品の価格は£2000が加わるだけである。しかし、もし、資本の減耗が大きく、その資本の効率性を保つために年間50人の労働が必要だとすると、商品の価格は、機械を使用せず、50人の労働だけで生産される商品の価格とだけの価格が上乗せされることになる。」

If fixed capital be not of a durable nature it will require a great quantity of labor annually to keep it in its original state of efficiency; but the labor so bestowed may be considered as really expended on the commodity manufactured, which must bear a value in proportion to such labor. If I had a machine worth £20,000 which with very little labor was efficient to the production of commodities, and if the wear and tear of such machine were of trifling amount, and the general rate of profit 10 percent, I should not require much more than £2000 to be added to the price of the goods, on account of the employment of my machine; but if the wear and tear of the machine were great, if the quantity of labor requisite to keep it in an efficient sate were that of fifty men annually, I should require an additional price for my goods equal to that which would be obtained by any other manufacturer who employed fifty men in the production of other goods, and who used no machinery at all.


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